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Coupons for the Sighted and …Blind!

Today's coupon tips come from Sarah of  Her coupons tips are hot, her site is hot, and she …. is hot, too! She is giving us some tips on how to use coupons to save money. Thank you Sarah.

Tip 1. In order to get the best discount possible, match the inserts that you get from your Sunday newspaper with your weekly ads. So, basically, you are taking a coupon and you are matching it up with a sale. This way you get a very low price–the best discount that you can get. Sarah advises that you get your Sunday newspaper from the $1 dollar store.

So, here is how this works: The Sunday newspapers have some inserts in them, The RedPlum and Smartsource. These two inserts have coupons. Some times, a newspaper may have a book in it (about a company, like Target) which has coupons in the inside as well. You first take a look at the weekly ads and see what things are on sale that you want to buy. Let's say you find an ad from Wallgreens advertizing scotch tape "buy one get one freer" for $1.99. You then look at the available coupons. Suppose you have two coupons for Wallgreens of the type: "Save 50 cents off of one item". You take your two coupons and match them up with the Wallgreens "Buy one get one free" add, so you end up paying only 25% of the original price.

Tip 2. Stock Pile. This can really reduce your grocery bill. For example, using tip 1 above (can the coupon you get from several newspapers) you can buy 10 shavers for free. So, when you go to the grocery store you have to buy only perishable stuf, the staples of your meals (i.e eggs, milk, etc), because you have stock piled on all other things.

Tip 3. Bring the binder in with you. Take your coupon binder with you in the grocery store. When you reach the point where you have several coupons in your binder, you will not be able to remember the deals these coupons represent. So, as you walk in the grocery isle, if you see a product on sale that was not in the newspaper ad, you can match it with a coupon that you have in your binder. This way, an advertized $1.99 oatmeal ends up costing only $99 if you have a $1 off coupon in your binder's breakfast category!

Sarah teaches much more about coupons in her website Ask her questions and she will post her on her blog with her answers for other readers to see.

Free Shipping with Promo Code Start Now

You can get Free Shipping on BistroMD with promo code STARTNOW

An innovative approach to weight loss and diet plan implementation is fast growing with a food service company that offers a comprehensive suit of products and services that provides planning, preparation, and delivery of weight loss plan meals right at your doorstep.

Bistro MD specializes in weight loss meals that are packed frozen and delivered to customers' shipping address — meals that can be customized based on a featured menu and items can be ordered and paid online. Whether you have a Bistro MD promo code or a special customer discount, or you just pay the regular price, you will find that this weight loss food delivery service is one of the most affordable in the US. What this service does is offer a convenient alternative to weight loss dieters. And all these at a touch of a button.


On Cost vs. Quality – The BistroMD Weight Loss Diet Technique

How much does this service cost? While a meal  averages only around $8 (exclusive of shipping fees) or even less if you avail a Bistro promo code, it may be considered by some as paying a premium for a frozen dish. But what are the add-ons?  

  • The company is founded by Doctor Caroline Cederquist, an acclaimed specialist in the field of nutrition and metabolism. The meal package is designed by registered dieticians while the meals are specially prepared by professional chefs. You get restaurant quality meals that are designed specifically to help you lose weight, not too bad for USD 26 per meal.
  • On packaging, each meal is clearly labeled with all the nutrition facts and calorie content per portion, which helps dieters become aware of how much calories are in each prescribed meal. This in the long run helps dieters not only train in terms of portion control, but also helps increase awareness on which food types are good for weight loss.
  • Each meal plan is customizable. There are various meal packages offered on the site. There are fixed meal packages and is also a service wherein you can choose which dishes to include your your meal plan. This option provides variety and versatility.
  • Customers are given access to the site which helps them keep track of their diet plans, the latest news on weight loss, and personalized consultation with the company's registered dieticians.

How Can the Service Be Improved?

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are important factors, not only for weight loss, but for a healthy well balanced meal as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. This is one aspect that BistroMD meals lack. There is also no prescribed dietary recommendations on types and portion size to include should the customer choose to augment the dish with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Meals are frozen and delivered weekly. Although this is quite a convenient alternative to food preparation, there is a high possibility that costumers may get tired of consuming the same meals over a period of time. Offering options such as weight loss meals ordered, prepared, and delivered the same day may be an enticing service to existing customers who are already in the program. It also adds an element of freshness to the meals.
  • Even when on a weight loss diet plan, dieters may at some point choose to dine out. A BistroMD signature dish offered in some restaurants not only would help customers stay on track with their diet even when they choose to dine out, this also provides various avenues for other weight loss dieters to enjoy quality meals that are designed for weight loss.

The Verdict – Is BistroMD Worth It?

For professionally prepared meals that are designed for weight loss, BistroMD meals and its services are on target. Their meals are designed to cater to customers who plan to lose weight. The online ordering system and delivery service is a convenient offer for customers who prefer alternative ways to lose weight and the price is affordable to a certain duration. A promo code for Bistro MD can be easily acquired if you search on Google the relevant term.

Any drawbacks? The lack of a physical exercise plan is what seems the be the weakness of this weight loss program.

Supplementation can be one of the most overwhelming and confusing things if you don't really know too much about supplements themselves. Your body doesn't necessarily require the use for any supplement whatsoever, however they do aid you in achieving your goals more quickly and efficiently. Of course you don't have to spend loads of money bying vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Vitacost coupons along with other promotional offers and discounts are available everywhere.

Now, there are tons of supplements that come out literally every day in the supplement industry so it's easy to get confused as to what to pick, what to use, what is necessary, what isn't and when. The only supplements that I think are necessary in any transformation are some protein powder, a multi-vitamin and possibly some healthy fats, like fish oils, flax oil etc.

There are hundreds of protein brands on the market, different companies, with different flavors. There's isolotes, concentrates, mixtures of different protein, like whey, egg, milk, caseine.

Then we have meal replacements, which is a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and some fats. What companies intend to do with products like these is to give you the opportunity to replace an entire meal with the powder in case you can't get a meal, so you get a shake with all the nutrients you need. It's very handy to have one of those, especially if you are extremely busy with your work and sometimes you don't get to eat for long hours, so a meal replacement is very hand to have. But for individuals who try to cut fat, companies try to limit carbohydrate intake so normally you would aim for something like an isolate in order to avoid taking unnecessary carbohydrates.

If you are bulking you should definitely go for a whey protein powder, concentrate of course, you don't need isolate at this point. You could also opt for a weight gainer but feel it's necessarily the optimum choice. They usually combine whey and simple sugars in them. I'd rather make my own weight gainer at home by taking eggs, together with peanut butter, oats, some fruits, mix them all up with milk, blend them up and you have a really good weight gainer.

There's also the casein protein which actually contains 40% casein, and it's a slow digesting powder, essentially the best that you can put into your body before bed. That's because the body gets fed during your sleep.

You better also add some fish oils in your diet for their Omega 3 fatty acids. Unless you want to eat pounds and pounds of salmon, I would recommend to supplement a little bit of fish or krill oil into your diet. This helps with lowering your fat, raising your natural testosterone withing your body.

Finally, if you are going to have just one supplement, this has to be multivitamin. Multivitamin is essential to any kind of physique and to good health in general. If your health is weak you won't be able to go to the gym and perform at your optimal ability. There are lots of different brands selling multivamins in Just read some reviews, read their ingredients to make your comparisons and don't forget to use the Vitacost discount codes before paying.

Onnit Labs is a relatively new health food company whose products mainly focus on energy, brain performance, memory improvement. Of course, Onnit coupon code is available here so that you won't have to worry about the cost so much.

The most known product and great success of Onnit Labs is the Alpha Brain, a nootropic supplement which boosts memory, improves brain health and helps cognitive function. Like in most nootropics, one of its ingredients is the Hyperzine-A

What is Huperzine-A

Hyperzine A improves your memory and your quality of sleep. If you take it in the morning it delays the break down of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine so you can essentilly focus longer without feeling fatigue, bored or distracted. If you take it in the evening about an hour before going to bed your REM phase percentage will be 40% higher. This translates to a much more relaxing sleep. So if you usually sleep 9 hours a night you will be able to sleep 6 hours and feel just as rested.

Hyperzine A was first discovered in a clu bmoss and it's an alkaloid compound. It's been proven to support memory function very significantly.

How does it work

Hyperzine A actually blocks the enzyme that breaks down the memory chemical in your brain. The main chemical is called acetylcholine and nomarlly after your brain makes it there's an enzyme that breaks it down to some degree. If you could block that enzyme your brain would maintain higher concentrations of the memory chemical. This is importanta cause as we get older the brain makes less acetylcholine because it has less of the ability to make it. So, slowing down the breakdown of acetylcholine helps to maintain higher brain levels of this substance thus keeping higher memory performance.

In patients with alzheimer's and dementia the very first thing that happens is the acetylcholine drops down through the floor. In fact, the drugs that they give alzheimer's patients are drugs that try to block the breakdown of acetylcholine just like in Hyperzine A.

Some studies show that Hyperzine-A outperforms drugs, has longer lasting effects and fewer side effects.

If you are over the age of 55 your brain is already making less acetylcholine. Before you get dementia or Alzheimer's disease, or you have some significant cognitive or memory problems I would start putting in small doses of Hyperzine-A to maintain your brain levels, perhaps with a combination of supplements which would contain CDP choline, Bacopa Monnieri and phosphatidylserine. Those four things together, they all work synergistically towards brain health.

If you are looking for Onnit Discount Coupons then you could check this page and redeem them to save from your purchase. Take a look at the other supplements and accessories of Onnit Labs as well.